Layering in London

Do gloomy winters mean wearing gloomy clothes? The answer is an outright NO. When inhabiting in a place like London in the peak winter months; with the temperature fluctuating between 4 degrees to -3 degrees, it gets especially tricky to dress and it becomes all the more difficult when you hail from a tropical country like India where even one layer of clothing seems unbearable during peak summers. But nonetheless, this was my attempt to layer (hopefully fashionable enough) and batter the hopes of the chilly breeze to attack me whatsoever.

All that was needed to put together this look was a pair of woolen black stockings(which actually helps a good deal in creating an illusion of slightly toned up legs), a pretty baby pink colored skirt with small heart motifs, a black slip that hugs your body and lends you some warmth, a well fitted black blazer for additional warmth, a square scarf in a combination of black and white and a black cap to finish off that perfect day-wear look. And yes, not to forget, a pair of black mid-calf length boots with a fur lining that provides the maximum warmth. So chilly London breeze, are you ready to face me? I say I am.

One more tip: A strong face moisturizer and lip balm never harm in such climates.

Would love to know if you guys liked it, did not like it or if it is just about average.

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