The Athletic/slim body type- A boon

 The Athletic/slim body type- A boon

If you ever get the opportunity to style an athletic/slim female body, rest assured that God loves you! You can almost blindfold yourself and style them, I am not exaggerating!

For novices, it will be beneficial to discuss at the base level, what exactly is an athletic/slim body type. An athletic body type is characterized by very gentle curves or more of a straight body; they have a small bust, and their hips and bust are in proportion. They are most likely to have good legs and arms which should be flaunted to the fullest.

So in our second session at the London College of Style, we were assigned the task of styling four main female body shapes(apple, pear, hourglass and athletic) within a time span of 7 to 10 minutes. We were divided into groups of three and my group comprised of two of my other classmates Ekta and Lauren alongside myself of course. The look that was most appreciated was the athletic look, explains why I am posting about it.

How did we go about the look?

Since almost anything and everything flatters an athletic body type, it was almost like a cakewalk for us.  We picked up a gorgeous jumpsuit with a grey bodice having some black frill detailing. It added some volume to the bust and lent some feminine charm to her body. The bottoms were  a pair of black straight legged pants which elongated her fabulously toned legs. Her curves were given definition by clinching her waist with a beautiful black belt with golden detailing. Since the jumpsuit was sleeveless, it flaunted her beautifully toned arms too. Voila, our athletic girl is now all curvy! Do I see faces turning green?

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