Tim Walker- The Conjurer

Call this man a magician, an artist, a story teller, a visionary, a creative enthusiast or a role player- he picks up elements from all these fields and fuses them into photography and calls himself Tim Walker.

Putting all these elements in one frame is a challenge and seeing it is a delight. He recently exhibited at the sprawling Somerset House in London and I was absolutely amazed- both by looking at the place and his work and of course the super cold weather.

There is always one striking giant element in his frame, it could be a huge broken egg, a chopper or a cup and saucer or a giant spider or just about anything. And all you would think is how did this chap even come up with such a concept? His visual compositions are magnificent.

Of all the concepts that we looked at, the one that impressed me the most was the Giant Doll Concept. The frame comprised of a giant doll juxtaposed against tiny human beings. I look at it from another perspective(not sure if Tim Walker held the same perspective), in this highly technical world, we human beings are often destructed or stamped over by the creation of our very own technical objects. The meaning is deep and hence why it appealed to me the most.

He has worked for banners like Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton and almost all the high end brands you can think of. The best part is yet to come up, we will actually be shooting with this man for one of our upcoming editorial shoots for the London College of Style. Life just cannot get better I say.

Less tensed, more kicked. 30th January, can you prepone your arrival?

Read more: http://timwalkerphotography.com/index.php


If you want to follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Walker/9201178993?fref=ts

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