Gracious, Galliano Giggles

A lot can happenover coffee…errrrr Alcohol. John Galliano would definitely agree to it. Who knew a first class honours degree graduate from Central Saint Martins College, London had so much of (mis)fortune in store for him.


His love for theatre and feminity made him bag jobs at couture houses like Givency and Dior, but sadly his love for alcohol made him lose it all. A little over two years ago, in one of these alcoholic fits he uttered anti-Semitic comments at a Parisian bar and a few months following that, he was sacked from Dior for his “disgraceful” behavior.

However, even during his “sacked” period, his supporters did not shy away from standing up for him. Kate Moss picked him, out of her many friends in the industry, to design her wedding dress.


Talent should never go waste and Oscar De La Renta is an ardent believer of this. Or may be like in the movie September Issue, Anna Wintour who dictates the glamour world, sparked this arrangement as she happens to be close buddies with both these designers. Nonetheless, we are happy to have our romantic hero, John Galliano back on board, so are Dolce and Gabbana and many others. He will be spending time with Oscar De La Renta in his New York Studio and contributing to his Autumn Winter 2014 collection.


When “uptown style” and “romantic glamour” meet, we call it the union of John Galliano and Oscar De La Renta. We are definitely looking forward to this reunion and expecting a fabulous Autumn Winter 2014 collection from this duo. The fashion world definitely has lot to learn from this episode: “Let bygones be bygones.”

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