DIY- A less than 5 pound hat in less than 5 minutes.

It was a lazy day but my hands were itching to do something quirky and creative. But I was averted to stepping out and buying things either.

So I looked around my room and found some table dollies( 60 pieces in four different sizes available at the Pound Store), some clips(courtesy- the Pound Store again) and the flowers I had picked up from H&M, which I had talked about in my previous post.


Just stick a small piece of cardboard( I used a round piece of a carton which the local departmental store guys were very willing to part with) on the other side to give the table dollie some base and two clips to make sure it stays on your head when you put it on.


Just try the different flowers and see which one you like the best. Just stick that on, and put the hat on.


My personal favorite no. 2


My personal favorite no. 1


Automatically, my personal favorite no.3

Easy and pretty! Making things tougher, which outfit would you want to wear it with?

My choice would be a nice knee length dress with frills and lace details or a nice high neck top with frills. The more feminine it is, the better it gets.

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