(L)allygagging (F)or (W)ackiness

London Fashion Week gets quirky, quirkier, quirkiest. From babies( not real ones of course) on jackets to wigs on handbags, LFW February 2013 transcended all boundaries. It was a perfect platform to absorb inspirations and to experience how far could people really go to express themselves; or seek attention, maybe?

A few shots would prove exactly what I am talking about.


The lady with the babies(on the jacket) also pasted some blocks from the building-blocks game on her shoes( my guess is that she is expecting sometime soon), the lady with the wig-bag was inevitably the cynosure of attention, the guy with the horns caught some eyes too, so did the lady in the polka dotted shorts disguised in a cat’s face( I wonder why).

The lady in the LFW jersey showed us how you could transform a sportswear into a thigh-high slit “red” carpet gown, the guy with the rectangular shades (without any divisions) also went noticed. The use of a playing card imprinted cup and saucer as a hat is indeed very interesting. (Would you care for some tea?)

Neons too gallored in all possible forms.

Fluorescent seemed to be a hot favorite with both men and women alike. Neons could be seen in terms of bags, beanies, bottoms, tops, cardigans and even trench coats! Wow. Neons have taken over every gamut of apparel and accessories.


Prints, one of the most interesting motifs to play around with was done absolute justice at this mega event. There were stripes against stripes or checks, neons, florals, strong solids like red, verticals against horizontals and about what not. Creativity absolutely went off bounds!

Whites: One of the most raging Spring Summer trends was also followed by a small section of the crowd.

Some sci-fi shine was also noticed in the muffler and skirts as has been captured in the pictures.

These are just about two percent of the pictures I clicked and I was absolutely spoilt for choice. LFW seriously had so much to offer. Is September 2013 going to be wackier?

Thirsty for more trendspotting and news from LFW? Follow the links below.



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