An ode to Spring Summer 2013

 Whether you are an avid lover of colours or the classic black and white, Spring Summer 2013 is here to delight none other than ALL.

So with a Starbucks in hand, you are taking a walk down Oxford Street and enamored by the window displays which are calling out to you in differently framed phrases; with the bottom line remaining- Spring Summer 2013 collections are on board and you should refresh your wardrobe? The situation gets worse when you enter one of these stores and are left absolutely perplexed about what to buy?

I am here to your rescue. Presenting a round up of the key Spring Summer trends to help you shop better and look nothing but the best.

Sci-fi Shine: One of the most prominent trends dictated by Burberry Prorsum at the LFW, this is one key trend you cannot afford to miss out on. Go for the classic trench coats by Burberry in some striking shades or for some mellowed down sheen from our pocket-friendly favourites Topshop and Primark, the choice is yours. A trend, which is sure to up the oomph quotient!


Nostalgic Neons: Neons that enjoyed their supremacy in the 60s have been raised to the same stature in 2013. Go bright, go bold and set yourself apart by combining it with the other raging trends of the seasons- florals or graphics.  So turn it (ne)on!

Vivienne Westwood, Simone Rocha and Moschino were seen favoring this trend at the LFW.


Gallant Graphics: Step out of your comfort zone and get adventurous. Do not be shy of juxtaposing different graphic prints together. You will be stunned with the results. Moshcino, Burberry and Westwood gave a green signal to graphic prints, so what are you waiting for? If your style is understated go for stripes and plaids and if not go for graphics inspired by stamps; Mary Katranzou style.

The images below are sure to inspire you. Just remember, the wilder, the better!


 Topshop goes Graphic at some really pocket-friendly prices. Check them out at the link below.


Flirty Florals- Florals somehow seem to have attained a classic stage. Like the runways every year, the designers could not part ways with the florals.  Bet you will get asked out for a coffee with the flirty florals this season.


Tip: Florals with graphic prints is a lethal combination. So be prepared with your license to kill!

Suave Sheer: Nothing sexier than showing off your beautiful body. A tricky trend as it may seem; the key or advice is to do it with sophistication. Houses like Erdem, Temperley and Topshop Unique made this trend more polished and more wearable. So, are you sexy and you know it?


 Wise Whites: White is one of the wisest options to pick this season. Go for anything- a pantsuit, dress, shirt, shorts and you are sure to look worth a million pounds! Gucci, Mulberry and Burberry testify the statement.


Sinful Snakeskin: Our beloved designers could not get enough of this reptile and incorporated it into their collections. Snakeskin combined with solid colors and graphic prints is stealing the hearts. Gucci and Burberry could not resist the venom either.


The high street brand New Look is sure to bowl you over with its Snakeskin offerings.



Hoping this served as your Spring Summer 2013 guide. Don whichever trend that pleases you and accessorize it with your attitude- a fashion statement you can never go wrong with! Smile, summertime is here!

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