Sade English’s Daphne13 showcase- Defying the stereotypes

A glass of wine and everything seems just fine. However, Sade English’s Daphne13 showcase was more than just fine! It was preceded by a Press Release with a round of drinks( free of course). The show took off at around 4:30 pm.

We have always seen models sashaying down the ramp, but this was one of the firsts(at least that I have seen) that had models walking like zombies.

A fresh graduate from the highly coveted London College of Fashion, she showcased her first collection Daphne13(which happens to be her grandmother’s first name) on 20th February at Swiss Church, 79, Endell Street ( The choice of a church for such a showcase was very innovative in itself.


Sade English- The(rebellious) designer


Sade has been constructing and illustrating garments ever since she was ten years old (yes, you read that right). Unlike the other designers she was drawn to everything which was not good-looking. The clone society is something she detests and feels that if everybody looks the same it becomes “bloody boring”. She had several inspirations running at the back of her mind while producing this collection. Armour, her strong convictions against the clone society, classic feminine shapes and their distortion and Islamic architecture to cite a few. Her exotic nationality – half Peruvian, quarter Chinese, and quarter Jamaican talent also reflected through it.

I got the opportunity to get upclose and personal with the designer herself and ask her about her inspirations to which she said, “I have some hints of architecture, and reflection of my own personal style which is very Gothic.” Some hints of German Expressionism could also be noticed in terms of the over-the-top make up and dramatic smoky eyes.


The Dramatic Make-up


With Blogger Prince Cassius and Sade


Sade does not want to bind creativity of the wearers and hence made this collection unisex. The most prominent material was leather with hints of sheer in a few pieces; palettes were dark and textures were played around with beautifully. It comprised of oversized tops, loose shorts with immense focus on texture-detailing. The models too were very interesting(very Goth themselves) with some sporting long hair, some bald, some tall, some short which gave the showcase a  very different edge and excitement level.


The Daphne13 Collection


The show was followed by an after-party at Cirque Du Soir situated on Ganton Street. Sade is expected to launch her next collection in August 2013. The wait is long but definitely going to be worth it!

Read more about this highly talented rebel, her life, aspirations and inspirations:

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P.S: The images have been sourced from the official Facebook page of Sade English(clicked by Bex Day) and some from Prince Cassius’ posts.

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