Terrific Graphic: Penning down a delightful day at shoot

Editorial shoot is a process, but at LCS we intertwined the process with fun to make the day super-duper delightful.

Racking of brains, inspirations, super-imposition of ideas– All of these terms symbolize the initiation or starting points of an editorial shoot.

The theme for this editorial shoot was the Spring Summer 2013’s hottest trend- graphics; “Get Graphic” as LCS preferred to call it.

I was pretty kicked about this shoot as prints are so playful and you could do so much with them, and interpret them howsoever you like.

Collision of prints, layering and sharp angles served as my bases initially.  “Progressive“ was my key word.


Sharp Angles, layering and collision of prints

I very happily went to Topman and picked up outfit options. However Dan(head of Editorial Styling at LCS) suggested that I should indulge in some customization. And he uttered a name ”Christopher Shannon“ and bang on; that was a top-up to my basic pieces. The way he creates magic with his shirts is mesmerizing.  Colour-blocking was another element that was suggested by him.

( Read more about Christopher Shannon: http://www.christophershannon.co.uk/)


Shirts by Christopher Shannon

I retained the blue shirt and printed blazer from my original buys and bade bubyee to the tweed pants and suspenders. I hit Shepherd’s bush to buy varieties of fabrics(how I missed India and the fabric attics there) which could actually be stitched on to the blue shirt, to make it more personalized and original. I rushed to the tailor and got them stitched. I missed India again when I had to pay a bomb to get seven strips of fabrics attached to a shirt. But I forgot it all when I actually saw the finished piece. It looked fab, much better than I had imagined!

Came the shoot day, the numbing cold and a long journey to a beautiful location called Goswell hill. My sleep ditched me when I saw the picturesque scenery from the overground. So much greenery, horses and nature’s gifts on the way- I had to be in paradise!

Anyway, we reached the destination only to find the place reserved for our make-up and hair, shut. Aaah, luck did not seem to favour us during the first few hours, so we put up at another cafe, where the line-up for the shoots was worked out; and the makeup and hairstyling commenced and so did our fun.

We clicked photos with moustaches, over-sized and funky glasses (which my batch mate Ekta had brought in for her shoot), it was absolutely crazy. It was a perfect way to kill time and a make the most of the time-lapse between our shoots. It even helped us students to bond with the others better.


All the fun- behind the scenes


Anyway, after the wait(and of course the on-going fun), came my turn to style my model for the day; a very innocent looking Conor. Sadly, the shirt was slightly oversized for him and so were the shorts, so I had to use a lot of binder clips to keep them in place( a must have for your editorial styling kit), and in the process I actually pinched him with the clip a little and he went ”Ouch“. How bad I felt for him! I actually used three pairs of socks and chopped them off to give a tri-coloured, tiered look.


My look, Model Conor, left bottom: nearly choking him 

Jacket, Topman, 80 Pounds; Socks: H&M, a pair of 5 for 7 Pounds, Shoes: Topman, 89 Pounds,

Shades: Topman, 16 Pounds; Cap: Model’s own which just fitted-in perfectly with my look.>

A tip: If you plan to return the shoes after a shoot for a refund, it will be a wise idea to mask the outer-sole with some double-sided tape; you do not want to risk a huge sum of money, do you?

Closing the collar was a tough task too, but Dan came to my rescue and helped me pin it up close to the neck using an alpin. One again, I almost choked Conor while I was tightening the collar at the back to give more finesse to the look. So I asked him, ”Can you breathe“, he refused to reply, so I asked him again; to which he replied ”No“, and giggled. I felt so guilty for torturing him so much. However, I discovered one of the areas I have to work on- being more gentle and cautious when working with binder clips and pins on a model.

A few shots were taken inside the place (by a highly-talented photographer Christopher Hench; another Christopher at that)where we had put up; a Mexican bar called Havanna and a few right outside it.

(Read more about Christopher Hench: http://www.theones2watch.com/contributors/8844)

After me, were a couple of more shoots, following which we called it a day and started with out mad photo-sessions at the castle. After we were satisfied with our funny faces, we hit back home and simply crashed.


The castle we were so obsessed with

It was a super-tiring ( primarily because I could not catch on any sleep the previous night)as well as fun-filled day. I am looking forward in both excitement and depression to the third shoot, as it will mark the end of our editorial shoots.

I am eagerly awaiting the pictures, and to be reviewed on where I could have been better, and where I was perfect!

I forgot to mention how the poor models had to sacrifice so much for us(I mean the clothes); they had to literally keep downing shots of whisky to keep themselves warm in the frigid cold, and they said being a model was easy!

P.S: Most of the photos have been taken by Ekta, Mona, Khadija, Divya and random but extremely sweet strangers on the streets.

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