Celebrating endings – for they precede new beginnings

’(LC)S are the best decisions I have taken in my life’- That was my status on Facebook a few weeks ago and I still stick by that. The first LC represents my graduation college, Loreto College and LCS undoubtedly represents the London College of Style.


Proof of my Facebook Status 😉

Fashion was something I was always inclined towards; but designing was never my thing. That is when I was acquainted with fashion styling. After having successfully completed term I of the course at FAD International, Pune, India, I had my eyes set on the London College of Style. (http://www.londoncollegeofstyle.com/)


The London College of Style logo

London is the street fashion capital of the world and that definitely makes it one of the best places to learn something in that field. I landed in London on the 4th of January and my classes began on the 9th. I had enough time to make myself feel at home.


Yes, true that

Finally came the much awaited day of the 9th of January. The day I was so looking forward to, which absolutely met my expectations. We were given a brief of what we were going to do over the next twelve weeks and a detailed explanation was provided in our reference book which we refer to as the ‘LCS Bible’. We were also given a tiny little book called the “Stylist’s Little Black Book” which we were to record all our contacts in and share with our classmates.

Th best part about LCS is that we have classes just once a week and we can work on assignments for the rest of it.

On the very first day after an orientation session, we were introduced to assignments we were going to be working on – Editorial Shoots, Blogging, Feature Writing and much more. This course was a very interesting concoction catering to various aspects of fashion which opens new vistas, and in due course helps you figure out which is your most preferred area to pursue.

Another very good bit about the course is that my classmates hail from different parts of the world and intereacting with them takes me to those places vicariously. We had a lot of assignments to be worked on as a group, thereby promoting esprit de corps.


The LCS batch with super blogger Prince Cassius


Through this course I could actually realize talents which I was never aware existed in me. I loved Claire Angel’s customization classes the most as it really induced my latent creativity to surface. I initially hated making mood boards, but I actually developed a strong liking for it as the course progressed. You could so so much with just a bag, or a pair of shoes was another thing I explored on this course just with the power of customization.


Moodboards:  top Left 1980’s; Top right 1920’s; bottom left 1940’s and bottom right 1960’s



Customization: Top left 1920’s style shoes, top right 1960’s style accessory,

bottom left 1980’s style bag and bottom right 1940’s style hat


Editorial Styling was my second favorite area and now I have a stronger understanding of what would really work for the camera and what wouldn’t. How one can do so much with just strips of fabric or make something more interesting and original through customization. I learned some really crucial things about editorial styling such as the camera loves real flowers, layers create a sense of depth which he camera picks up beautifully and silhouette is something you must take care of when shooting or deciding on an outfit. I would like to express my gratitude to Dan Blake, head of editorial styling who really helped us sail through the entire process, guiding us at every single step.


My Shoots in order: Magical Romance, Get Graphic and Elements(earth)


TV styling was a lot of fun and my choice Rakhi Sawant as the celebrity and preparing a moldboard on the same was much appreciated. The fact that we were given our grades along with appreciations, and scope for improvement  for every assignment was another aspect which really helped us carve a path and create a niche for ourselves.


My moodboard for styling Rakhi Sawant

I would like to thank Wendy Elsmore for supervising every thing and being a guiding light. I cannot forget to acknowledge Siobhan Graham, who was there to respond to all queries at all points of time and her responses were faster than the bat of an eyelid. Ronkay taught us the basics of color analysis which is the backbone of styling. Shyla Hassan who gave us a proper insight on editorial styling. Prince Cassius, who definitely motivated me to start blogging and al the guests lecturers who have a difference in their own ways.

Through LCS, I got the opportunity to attend the London Fashion Week which was like a dream come true. The trend spotting, the experience of the shows will surely linger in my head forever.


Me on Day 1 of the London Fashion Week

My heart actually started ponding when the realization dawned on me that there was just one more class to go. I have had some amazing times on this course. A lot of learning, a lot of laughs and a lot of memories to cherish. I am now a much more confident stylist who is willing to transcend boundaries to create something new and something envious. *evil laugh*

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