Managing the wardrobe is easy, said no woman ever

Do you fall under that category of women who are weighed down by a pile of clothes every time they open their wardrobe? Do you never end up finding that particular outfit  you want to wear on that particular day? Do you feel you have nothing to wear? (Warning, every girl will say this even after this exercise is over). Get into some action ladies, it’s time to wake up your wardrobe!

What exactly does waking up your wardrobe mean? Well, it is pretty simple. Getting rid of the clutter and having a more organized and accessible wardrobe. You can do this in three simple steps.

The best way to go about it is to have a cup of coffee with two shots of espresso. Then take ten outfits out at a time and categorize them into three different categories: Good, Maybe and Ugly. The good section should take care of garments which are in perfect condition, the maybe will have outfits which probably need some re-invention or some alteration and the Ugly section will have outfits that have to be given away to a charity or put up on e-bay.

Repeat the same activity with the next ten outfits and so on till you are done. During this activity you might find yourself in situations when you are attached to an outfit which you do not fit into anymore; honestly it makes no sense in retaining it. The wisest piece of advice here would be to give it away to a friend who has eyed it on occasions. You can still see that outfit and cherish those memories. Also, remember to take a break or two in the middle; step out o the house completely if possible and take a few more shots of espresso. It is best to try each and every garment to decide which pile they belong to. You will know about the ‘good’ lot already, it’s primarily the ‘ugly’ and ‘maybe’ piles which need some special care.

What you can try out with your ‘maybe’ section is customizing them which could be something as simple as sticking some stones to attaching some trendy neon sleeves and what not.

These links should provide you some inspiration:

It will also be great to have about three options to wear with every single garment. It would be best to photograph them and keep for future references. This activity really does save up on a lot of time ladies!

How your wardrobe looks and feel after the wake up call. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

After you are done with the entire wardrobe, sit down, pat yourself and indulge in some good dessert; you deserve it young lady!

Do let me know your feedback on the same after you have tried out this exercise for yourself.

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