Because beauty comes in all sizes

I was randomly browsing through my LCS folders and found a write up on an upcoming imaginary brand that produces clothes from sizes 8-20. The assignment demanded a fresh face/endorser who is just apt to flaunt their new SS’13 collection. They also needed a couple of outfit combinations that would be seen gracing the billboards and stores. While most of my classmates chose stick-thin women, I begged to differ and chose a beautiful Tara Lynn. Read on to know more about this Brunette.

“Beauty comes in all sizes.” The fact that all the runways pick stick thin models to display their collections, and the look books do very much the same, is inculcating a complex feeling among the slightly fuller, yet much more beautiful women. There is an increasing tendency of women to become anorexic. And at the end of the day, who likes just bones? Even your dog will reject a dry bone.

Tara Lynn happens to be one of the most popular plus size models with the most spectacular face. She is a proud size 18 and does not feel at all conscious of her size. She loves her body and loves to flaunt it. She was definitely conscious of her body as a kid but made it her asset as she grew up. Now she is almost seen ridiculing the skinnier women who call themselves models. She rose to fame was when a nude picture(not obscene) of her was uploaded on Facebook with the rolls of her body showing and a discussion was left open to criticize or appreciate. Most criticized her by calling her ‘fat’ but that did not deter her spirits. She has graced magazines like Vogue Italia, Elle and various other campaigns promoting curvier women.



Tara Lynn- A proud size 18

The whole motive behind this campaign is to change the perception of the word ‘beautiful’ in the minds of the consumers. Thanks to our fashion magazines and runways making use of skinny models, we have assumed that skinny is beautiful. The whole idea is to re-iterate that curves and plus sized women are also beautiful and can give any skinny woman a run for their money. That is what makes Tara Lynn a perfect choice for this campaign. She is plus sized, bold, fearless and loves her body. Her beautiful pictures, warm face can definitely make a lot of women relate to her. When they google plus size models, this will be the first name that would appear on their screens. Her popularity is ever-growing. Since this campaign deals with clothing sizes for bigger women too, Tara Lynn is definitely a perfect endorser to attract thousands of consumers towards her.

She basically has a very curvy body with a slightly pear shaped bottom. Hence the clothes have to be chosen accordingly.

The first look that can be given to her is a simple ‘v’ neck dress in a pastel pink shade. The V neck will flatter her bust line and the slightly dropped waistline will help flatter her waist. Since the dress is plain, we can add a lot of accessories and make it rather interesting and appealing. We can go for a printed scarf around her neck, along with a textured pink hand cuff and a printed satchel. We can add some flirty feminine touch by combining a pair of color blocked heels with a pair of frilly socks.


Combination 1

The second look that she can sport is a pair of vertical striped pants which will make her hips appear less wide but will help flatter her toned calves. Pristine white cannot be given a miss this Spring Summer and hence we incorporate it through a white jacket which will cover her hips. A pair of Gladiator Shoe boots with graphic prints will up the style quotient further. There will be no top inside but just a bow tie to up the oomph quotient. A pop of color will be added with an electric blue bag. This is more of a formal look with some skin show giving us some respite. The best part about this look is that all her problem areas will be camouflaged.




Combination 2

The third look that I intend to give her is a strapless maxi dress which will help draw attention to her beautiful face and flatter her curves by clinching her waist. To ensure that her beautiful face does not go unnoticed at any chance, we can give her a collared neckpiece which will cover her shoulders and add a whole different edge to the look. A pair of wedges with some glitter detailing will ensure some comfort. A neon pink satchel will make sure that she does not miss out on any basic essentials that a woman needs to stock in her handbag. A pair of black cat shades and an umbrella with some pink frills will make this look perfect for a vacation along the beach.



Combination 3

Thus through this campaign, I hope that the anorexic women will not stay famished anymore and accept the fact that they will look just as beautiful, or may be more if they again a few pounds. Tara Lynn should be considered the new parameter for beauty; that is the kind of effect this campaign should have on the consumers.

Having trouble keeping your eyes off this bombshell? The following link will make it tougher. 

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