3 Cool Ways to Dress the Petite Girl that aren’t Denims and a Tee

First of all, let’s understand clearly, what does petite stand for?

I am sure till now, most of us thought that petite means being short and skinny, but the fashion industry thinks sort of otherwise.

Petite refers to any woman who is about 5′ 3″ or under, irrespective of their shape and size. Reasons are fairly practical; for the denims that would fit a 5’10” would be a tad bit too long for 5’2″. For ease and convenience, brands have started launching petite lines!

Moving on to the petite woman I styled yesterday, Shivangi.

She is about 5’1″ tall and has put on a couple of pounds lately due to her sit-down job.

The only things she told me before we started the styling session were: keep me away from formal wear and avoid the regular denim tee look. Honestly, these words were like music to my ears. 🙂

Sharing the three non-tee-and-denim looks that I styled for her.

Look 1: Monotone Madness:

One of the best ways to add inches to your height visually is by playing a colour block game with monotone colours, or what we call colours from the same family, instead of stark contrasts.


One of Shivangi’s best features currently are her shoulders and this peach off-shoulder top ensures that all eyes are on her shoulders and gorgeous face. A rust coloured maxi skirt doesn’t create a stark visual break and elongates her body by making the legs look longer. A pair of peep toes also adds inches to her.


Simple earrings frame her face and a wooden statement clutch finish off her look.


Petite frames should ensure that they don’t do very massive accessories as it drowns their frame.


Wearing slightly high-waist bottoms creates the illusion of longer legs and thereby overall taller appearance. Since the neck is bare too, it gives an elongated appearance to the whole body.

This look can be pulled off from a brunch to lunch very easily.

Break Up of The Look:

Crop Top: Designed by Me(Available to buy); Skirt: Streets of HongKong; Peep Toes: Shivangi’s Own; Clutch: Duet Luxury; Earrings: H&M; Shades: Forever 21

Look 2: Maxi-mize your options

If you happen to be petite and somebody ever told you to not do maxis, well, all I need to say is kick these people out of your life, you don’t need that kind of negativity!

Maxis, if done right can make a petite body look inches taller and more shapely. The trick is in the right cut.



The maxi dress that I have put on Shivangi ensures it hugs her at the right places, such as the tiny waist. The fact that the same fabric is running from the shoulders till the flare at the base creates an illusion of visual continuity.


A slightly scooped neckline elongates the neck and makes one appear less busty.


The neckpiece ending at her waist ensures all of the attention is drawn there, which is the tiniest part of her body, giving her a more hourglass appearance.



A colourful clutch adds so much character to her look and compliments all the colours on her dress and neckpiece. Braids add a bit of flirty element to the look.

A look perfect for a lunch to a sundowner party, and with a change of accesories can also be taken to a dinner party.

If you feel a little nip in the air, do carry a shawl to cover those bare arms.

Break Up of The Look:

Maxi: Designed by Me(Available to buy); Peep Toes: Shivangi’s Own; Clutch: Duet Luxury;; Neckpiece: An NGO at Rannutsav; Shades: Tribe.in

3. Look 3: Drenched in Denim:

I guess I have already mentioned about the importance of not playing colour blocking with stark colours, this look can be called a continuation of that theory.

A perfect look to explore your quirky self while being comfortable.


I have teamed a light denim sleeveless top with distressed boyfriend denims and a long sleeveless cape in a much darker denim shade for Shivangi. Pop Colour shoes also help draw a lot of attention to the leaner ankles.


The long cape creates a vertical line for the eyes to follow.


To lend a leaner and curvier appearance I have clinched the waist with a denim belt which has created a peplum effect and camouflaged the bulging sides.




The top knot adds height without having to wear those painful heels. Golden hoops to compliment her skin tone and a statement whisky box bag in shades blue keep the look uber fun.

Break Up of The Look:

Top: Streets of Delhi; Distressed Denims: Forever 21; Denim Cape: AND; Belt: Levi’sBrogues: Shivangi’s Own; Sling: PeeBee’s; Earrings: H&M; Shades: Tribe.In

I really hope you like the three looks I have given our petite girl Shivangi aka Shivi.

Would love to know which one is your favourite look in the comments below.

If you wish to get styled by me, shoot an email to snadhani@gmail.com.

Until next time.



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