A Fashion Stylist and Blogger by profession, avid traveller by passion, and foodie by disposition. I also co-run a Social Media and Marketing company by the name Extra Cheese Please.

An ardent supporter of the #bodypositive movement, I have learned to deal with my insecurities and so-called ‘flaws’ over time and really wish to inspire other women out there to do the same.

I am a Major in Communicative English, topped with a diploma in Fashion Styling from London College of Style. I started out as a freelance stylist after a short stint with a fashion label.

Srishti Nadhani copy

I was operating under a different blog name called Store Untold some years back which was converted into an e-store and eventually shut down. This blog started after shutting down Store Untold and documents my personal style, travel stories, food journeys and exciting things happening around.

You can connect with me at snadhani@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram or Facebook.

Lots of Love,


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