Working Easy With EasyDaftar

Many of you may know, many wouldn’t. In any case I will repeat.

Alongside being a blogger and a freelance fashion stylist, I am also the Co-Founder of an online fashion store called StoreUntold which sells well-styled looks and products to Fashion Progressors.

Running between shoots and meetings, whatever time I am left with is spent at my work desk stationed at my home.

Looking at the same wall gets mundane and often uninspiring. That is when I decided to give the newest Co-Working space in town called EasyDaftar a shot, brought into being by a local lad Saahil.


A few things I really liked about the place:

Ample Greenery: Nestled in the lush greens of Salt Lake area of Kolkata, I started breathing fresher air even before I entered the building.


Motivating Atmosphere: The fact that there are so many dedicated individuals working already gives you a kick.


Meet like minded people/ People who can help you grow: The best part is coming across people in the community who can add value to your business and help you grow.


I came across Sayan who is also a freelance content writer and definitely someone I would consider when coming out with the next collection of Store Untold, or otherwise.

There are a lot many tech-startups under the same roof too. Since I don’t understand much of that part, I let it be.

Coffee/Pantry facilities: Caffeine is the elixir of life. Access to coffee at reasonable prices and basic pantry facilities to heat food and safe drinking water are provided.


Printing/Photocopy: So many agreements to be signed and sent on an urgent basis and having a printer handy is sure a boon!


Locker Facilities: So many things that you need on  an everyday basis but want to rid yourself of the hassle of carrying them everyday. Lock them up at nominal charges.


Conference Room facilities: Call for a team meet whenever you want! Available free of cost for a certain number of hours and then chargeable. Calling for meetings without having your own office has never been this easy!


This is also the spot for the Networking Hour every week where in you are introduced to everyone else in the community and look for ways to help each other grow.

Affordability/ Save up for better business investments: One of the biggest challenges faced by any Startup is the huge investment on infrastructure. With spaces for individuals to bigger teams customized as per your needs you can sure direct those funds to expand your business!

Proximity to the Business Hub: It’s proximity to the business hub, Sector 5 is sure a plus.

Free from distractions faced at home: The fact that you can work peacefully without being perturbed by your kaamwali bai, doodhwala and kachrawala is such a relief!

Easy commuting: With umpteen options available in terms of transport, you are never going to be late to work or stranded!


Food Options available: Monthly chargeable meals available of your preference, if that’s not your thing, there are innumerable places around to order from and that can be delivered to this address.

Ample parking space: No fear of cars being towed away or paying crazy high parking fees, park like it’s your Dad’s property!



Dully done up: When I enter an office space, I expect it to be done up in an inspiring manner. This one sure gets a thumbs down for that. Extremely functional interiors, sure good for something that requires hard skills to be dispensed, but for creative souls, they might need to re-work!


No recreational facilities: I keep a dart board handy to vent out my negative energy most positively. With absolutely zero options for recreation(even basics like playing cards, dart board, scribbling board), you might have to resort to punching walls, or maximum, take a walk in the vicinity!

Lack of diversity in the community: The highly functional environment has sure been able to create a great community of tech-startups, but the lack of diversity in the community is a little putting off. While there could be so much to learn form them, there are not too many common points for discussions either!

But all the cons apart, sure the pros win, and if you are looking at a great space at extremely affordable rates in a green environment, this is your place to be!



On Me: Ring, Brooch, Bag, Grey Tank from Store Untold. Buy here.
Denim Jacket: Rockystar, Denims: New Look

On Sayan: Denim Shorts, Denim Shirt and Shoes: His own; Bow Tie: Store Untold. Buy here.

Pictures by Jai Kishore Singh.

You can contact them on Facebook or visit their website for more information.

Address: CK-233, Sector 2, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700091


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