My Kolkata Fashion Walk Experience

My trip to Europe, especially Italy was all about drinking Prosecco and eating Tiramisu, but there was something else which caught my fancy too. Fashion Walks in various fashion capitals such as Milan. Since I am a lost traveller and not a tourist, I don’t book things in advance and couldn’t find a spot for myself on any of these fashion walks. It hurt, but Prosecco helped swallow that pain.

That made me wonder as to why don’t we have fashion walks in our very own city of joy, which has so much to offer. From big designer stores in the swanky lanes to tiny curated stores in what you would think are dead ends, opportunities for exploration are endless.

While I was simply busy pondering over it, Tribonista and Swiss Laundry executed it. They brought to us the first edition of #KolkataFashionWalk which was reserved exclusively for the bloggers.

DSC_0057I am sure you are wondering what is #KolkataFashionWalk was all about?

The idea was to give us a taste of Kolkata’s fashion scene by taking us around some of city’s fashion stores and engaging us in fun activities.

We visited six stores namely Aashka, Aditi’s, Urban Haat, Poshaak, Ommbre and Ensoie and called it a day with a rejuvenation session at Tresstalk.


Aashka, the starting point, with the cake cutting to hit it off

It was actually interesting to explore how one store is different from another in terms of their inception stories, concepts, offerings and aesthetics.


At Aditi’s where I won the Treasure Hunt game


Amidst the Styling Game at Ommbre, which btw I won too. 😛

Interactive games like styling people to treasure hunts to #DIYing things gave us a better idea about the stores, designers and curators in a non-boring way.

Customizing at Urban Haat(P.S: I won this too)


Every store was different, for instance some were curating and not designing, some were solely designing, while some were customizing. And you never know where a creative person can find their inspiration.

Trying on a scarf at the all-cotton store Poshaak
Last Fashion Stop, Ensoie
Calling it a day with TressTalk

A few things that I would have loved to experience however is the other side of garment construction, getting a little more hands on with these experiences, because there’s only so much you can learn from merely visiting a store.

Just some madness along the way
Because being hooked on to social media is what we do for a living

However, the good part is the Tribonista team has promised to incorporate these elements and the next walk that is coming up is apparently very different from this one. And I obviously cannot thank the team enough for deeming me worthy of this experience.

In case you guys want any more information about the #KolkataFashionWalk, feel free to get in touch with the Tribonista team.

Until next time.

Lots of Love,


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