Gifting Easy with Hip Wic

Hello Lovely Readers,

Hope you are all doing great and already soaking in the Pujo spirit.

Being the youngest in the family, I was mostly at the receiving end of gifts but now with families expanding and friends getting married, I see myself at the other end of the spectrum; the giving end.

The picture below exhibits my state of mind when I have to ponder over gifting ideas. Relatable enough right?

I recently came across a brand called Hip Wic which makes luxurious fragranced candles and wait for it, they CUSTOMIZE to your wish. Let’s take a quick look at what they have to offer and how they make the perfect gifts for about any occasion.

Hip Wic for Festive Gifting:

With one of our prominent occasions Diwali looming large, we often look for innovative, fun and personalized gifts for friends, family and business circles.


Hip Wic makes amazing platters featuring their candles such as bell jars, shot glasses, frosted glasses and so on. If you have an idea in mind they will make it for you.



Some more options you can choose from.



My personal favourites for the festive season have to be the bell jar and the painted tin candles which could be gifted as is, or even be incorporated on a platter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One doesn’t really have to confine gifting candles for festivals like Diwali only. Holi, Durga Puja or any occasion that calls for something special makes candles a perfect gift. After all, you are lighting up someone’s life right!

Hip Wic for Occasion Based Gifting: 

Have a crazy friend’s bachelorette, an invite to extend to someone to be bridesmaid, a simple gift of gratitude or about any occasion you can think of under the sun, Hip Wic has got you covered!



These customizable shot glasses make for perfect gifts for a bachelorette or a bridal shower.

The frosted glasses with customizable covers are a perfect gift for about anything.




Quick reminder: All these products and packages can be customized to your needs.

Hip Wic for Corporate gifting:

We all know how big corporate gifting has become these days! Personally loved these luxurious fragranced candles from Hip Wic either in a wooden box or printed boxes which could be customized with your company’s name, logo or any generic design too.




(Click to Zoom in)

Hip Wic for a house warming party or just a token when visiting someone:

Nobody likes to go to someone’s house empty handed on their house warming or even on any other given day. Hip Wic’s candles and platters are such brilliant gifts to light up people’s lives and homes and make them all aromatic.





They also make as excellent return favours for house warming parties.

Now that I have convinced you well that Hip Wic and their fragranced candles and platters are perfect gifts for everyday and every occasion, let’s try understanding better as to what makes them so special and why should you choose them over anything or anyone else.

  1. Luxurious Fragrances inspired from different parts of India such as Jodhpur, Himalaya, Ooty and Kashmir to name a few.

(Click on each picture to zoom in)

2. Great options for containers: From shot glasses to bell jars to frosted glasses and painted tins, what’s not to love!

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3. Brilliant Graphics: We all know packaging can make or break a product. With an in-house graphic designer on board, you are sure packaging would be top notch.


4. CUSTOMIZATION: All the above mentioned points are highly open to customization if you have the numbers. If you wish to put some Jodhpur fragrance in a bell jar in a wooden box or a Kashmir fragrance in a painted tin on a platter with chocolate, it’s possible. Permutation and combination never got this fun!

So what are you waiting for guys!

Make your or someone else’s life aromatic with Hip Wic.

You can get in touch with them through Facebook or Instagram and have all your gifting woes sorted.

Photography: Kaustav Sarkar; Decor: Make it Matter

Until next time!

Lots of love,



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