Spelling luxury with Santieb’s

Very rarely do you come across a brand that leaves you so spellbound that you wish to talk about it to every person you come across. And I am not lying through my teeth!

Santieb’s is a luxurious aromatic journey. Santieb’s is a brand that makes bespoke perfumes and fragrances.


Blending French expertise and Indian innovation just right, Santieb’s fits the taste of every luxury enthusiast seamlessly. All you need is a ‘nose’ for it, of course!

They come in nine signature fragrances and every fragrance has a very distinct mood that it transports you to.



My personal favourite was the ‘Intime Kiss’ orBaiser Intime’. 



The others would be Black Beast with a strong mood of masculinity and slightly woody notes.

Precious which is delicate and light, and synonymous with sophistication with its fruity and floral notes.

Madam Mad is perfect for the rebellious ones with notes varying from sandalwood to Mandarin. One that will surprise you.

Blue Ice defined by fresh and sporty notes and best explained with adjectives like bold, refined and magnetic.

Divine Soul is intriguing and spicy! A classic in every man’s wardrobe.


Golden Dawn strikes the right balance between confidence and manhood. Leather and Patchouli are just two of its ingredients that I wish to reveal and the rest are for you to discover. And mind you me, this concoction is too exotic to handle!

Awesome is a unisex fragrance with an eclectic combination of refined ingredients. Instantly appealing, a fragrance which is in sync with its time and freely seductive! Perfect for all the fun lovers out there!

Illusion is as daring and elemental as the emerald gemstone. Leaves quite an impression on everyone you encounter for it smells of success and positivity.


The moment you enter their store, you will be led through an alley with framed images and every perfume placed in front of that framed image is what the mood of the perfume is. They were bang on with most of them I would say.

They not only make perfumes but also waxes for homes which emit a beautiful smell when put on diffusers and convert back into wax once off the diffuser is put off.


They too can be packed in packs of six and make for perfect gifts!


One of the most creative and innovative concepts at the Santieb’s perfume boutique is the fact that you copyright your copyright a fragrance in your name which will not be sold to anyone else in the world, and the bottles and packaging can be customized to your taste too.

A perfect gift for weddings or for someone who has a taste for personalized luxury.

Their packaging is something which definitely needs special mention as it is unlike any other brand birthed in Calcutta by a Calcuttan.

All the perfumes are made in France but is the brainchild of our Calcutta guy Vishal Bamalwa. The boxes are made in Europe too and par international standards.

You are going to be wowed the moment you step in the store. It makes me so proud to know that our city lad gave us the first perfumery of this level in the country.


Vishal is an avid traveller, luxury enthusiast, successful Luxury Brand Manager and Santieb’s is the amalgamation of these collective experiences.

Santieb’s aims to build a unique aromatic journey and experience for you all with their Atelier, where they build an aura of indulgence with an impeccable and unforgettable shopping experience.


A perfect gift for Diwali or the imminent festive season. A sucker for luxury, this is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

You can visit the Santieb’s store at :

24, Camac Street
Camac Square Mall (2nd Floor)
Kolkata 700 016

+91 9830483698

You can even visit their Website or connect with them through Facebook or Instagram.

Hope you guys liked this post!

Until next time,

Lots of Love,



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