Staycation at Fortune Park Panchwati with my bff

Ever since I have made a foray into the other side of 25, my life has undergone a lot of changes. While I enjoyed nudging and partying with random strangers till the wee hours, at least four times a week earlier, it has now has been replaced by a quieter scene with the people for life.

On that note, wondering what’s better than a solo vacation? A vacation with your #bff. My search for a getaway away from the city, but still within easy access ended with Fortune Park Panchwati which is barely about a 20 minutes drive from the centre of the city. Fortune Park Panchwati gives you the vibe that you are away from the hustle bustle, but still well connected to the city.

Let’s take a quick look at all the #shenanigans my bff and I were upto during our getaway with Fortune Park Panchwati.


Could anyone look more excited about a getaway, I bet not!


And when it’s with your bff, the excitement levels shoot up incalculably.

After soaking in the impressive views during our drive feat. The Vidyasagar Setu Bridge, lush greens and fresh breeze caressing our faces, we reached our destination ITC Fortune Park Panchwati.

My first reaction upon reaching the property: “Oh Wow, what a property, bae let’s take a selfie and upload it on Snapchat.” Our beloved photographer seems to have captured that moment on her camera too. Bae suggested using the kutta-wala-filter but I pretended to not hear her.


The property has been built in such a way that it gives you a strong sense of openness and the opportunity to take in a lot of fresh air.

A garden awaits you right after you go up the impressive drive way, giving way to the glass lobby which further leads into the swimming pool area.



After a smooth check-in and refreshing welcome drinks we hit our room which was a suite with a crazy-ass view.

Silhouette for post


A little bit of lazing around later, we stepped out to experience the grandeur of the property characterised by high pillars and ample greens through a property tour. The high pillars are based on the British Colonial concept and the entire property has drawn inspirations from the British Club.

IMG_5907 2

If you love to pose and get clicked, Fortune Park Panchwati is your paradise.


Another major attraction of Fortune Park Panchwati from my POV has to be the gorgeous swimming pool which will be talked about in details later in this post.

IMG_5911(Orange Dress from Rini Seal, Earrings by Citrus Jewellery)

Being someone who is hungry perpetually, good food can’t be compromised for, or substituted with the mere good looks of a place.

Hands down, Fortune Park Panchwati has some of the best food that I have eaten at any resort. And just so you know, I wasn’t paid extra to write this. I can vouch for this part.

After a quick consultation with the Executive chef at their restaurant, our table was loaded with plates and bowls full of deliciousness.



Zodiac is a multi-cuisine restaurant at Fortune Park Panchwati which will spoil you for options.

One word of caution: everything you order is out of this world. Not exaggerating at all! North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese or whatever makes you beam is served here.

Neptune Bar served us two of the most non-diluted and uhh, potent cocktails to get our night started. Pali Hill and Fusion Cosmopolitan if you wish to try them out too.


If you are happy, you may get lucky and get some #HappyHours deals too. 🙂

This was followed with a surprise dinner by the pool that I had organized for Swati/bff and Team Fortune Park Panchwati executed it oh-so-well. Because Bae always complains I never make her feel special. Such demands I tell you!


This was followed my some more drinking and some more shenangians in the room which I choose to skip n the photos. 🙂

What’s better than morning coffee you ask? I say morning coffee in bed!


Which obviously I had to call for because bff is perpetually sleeping and needs to be kicked out of bed.



A hearty buffet breakfast spread and some more hours of rest later we jumped into the pool to make a splash.

(Pug nighty and eye masks from Pretty Secrets)

The pool and the sun beds have to be my second most favourite part of Fortune Park Panchwati after the grandeur of the pillars. An amoeba shaped, luxurious pool which disses the classic rectangular shape or straight lines to give families and groups their own space without being disturbed.


Don’t some refreshing cocktails and a cheese platter along with bff make for the most perfect Sunday afternoon?



(My Swimming top is from Pretty Secrets)

Rejuvenation is very crucial when on a vacation and Fortune Park Panchwati knows that best.

Offering spa services in the comfort of your own room instantly made this property one of my favourites for their hospitality. You can choose from their list of spa services and enjoy them right in the comfort of your own room.


A few hours of beauty nap and we decided to treat ourselves to the warmest cappuccino with some melt-in-your-mouth cookies at their cafe Chai Bar and Lounge. Their chocolate chip cookies is a must try.


Well, we tried the coffee moustache too. Successful you say?


Chai Bar and Lounge, my ladies is yet another lovely spot for pictures for your memories sake(read: social media).

Some room service for dinner followed by some raging games in their lobby area, we decided to hit the bed.



(Dress from Rini Seal)

I can barely stay away from yoga and stretching for what it does to your body and mind. Bae on the other hand is of a different opinion.


However the perfect grass and weather tempted this restless yet lazy bum(oxymoronic I know) to give stretching a shot too.



Planking image(My neon sports bra is from Pretty Secrets)

Another power packed breakfast buffet went into our tummies and we were all set to face Monday eye-to-eye.

Since it’s barely a twenty minute drive from the centre of the city, coming straight to work from ITC Fortune Park Panchwati is a cakewalk.

IMG_6361(Bag from Fenasia)

Needless to say my bff and I had a blast during our staycation and for all the warmth, hospitality and fun Fortune Park Panchwati had to offer.

Fortune Park Panchwati is a member of the ITC group of Hotels. It’s been in operation for close to a decade now and impressing everyone around with their hospitality.

And wait, the best part, packages start from INR 5000 only.**

So what are you waiting for?

Book this getaway for your better half, your solo travel, a bachelorette, new year’s eve, birthday or just about any occasion.

Escape into a world of lush greens, sumptuous food, fun activities, a mind-blowing swimming pool and have the most relaxing weekend getaway you can think of, without digging a deep hole in your pocket!

You can book the best suites and deals by contacting on the following numbers:

Juhii: +91 98300 12504

Amit: +91 99039 86408

Kona Expressway, Howrah, Kolkata – 711403, West Bengal

And now, pack your bags and gift yourself the much-deserved getaway at Fortune Park Panchwati.

Photos by Nisha Chowdhary

I would love to know if you enjoyed this post. Do drop me a message in the comments below.

Until next time,

Lots of Love,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. kankana saha says:

    awesome…gobsmacked by the photography concept..
    I left Kolkata in 04’s , those days the only place for partying was The Park. Seems like Kolkata youngsters are being treated the same way we Delhiites are. Wish to visit your recommended place @ITC once landed up there.
    Keep it up.. will be revisiting

    1. Hey Kankana, thank you so much. You must visit Fortune Park Panchwati, the food is to die for and so is the pool. 🙂

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