Layering in Leh

With my hometown being Calcutta, some cold breeze gushing through my face is always so refreshing. Leh was however MUCH more than I had asked for. 

Layering for winters is not something that comes naturally to us tropical dwellers. Who is to be blamed considering the small so-called winters most of the country experiences! With this post, I hope to make the art of layering simpler. 🙂


Day One: I choose a Poncho that my lovely Mom had picked up for me, on one of her earlier trips to the Himalayas.

The trick to layering is starting with the basics.

Start with a singlet which clings to your body, then layer it with a thin shirt and top it up with the poncho.

When things started getting cold, I threw on my red animal print long collarless jacket. For the bottoms, I opted for a pair of Rexine tights(since that keeps you warmer than natural fabrics) and a pair of comfy flat boot, for most days of the trip.


Day Two: Print-on-print should not just be reserved solely for Spring!

The next day we were headed to the Highest Motorable Road in the world, Khardung La Pass, standing proud at 5359m. This altitude definitely called for more layers!

Started with a singlet and then indulged myself in some fun print-on-print. Layered a white and red heart print shirt over a longer checkered shirt, and let the checkered collar show over the heart print. A black cape for not-so-cold regions and and my best ally, the red coat was thrown at the high altitudes. I added some colour with a bright green neckpiece.

Also, a knitted, warm cap like the beret I am wearing is highly recommended to save yourself from cold and ear pains later.


Day 3: Nubra Valley is comparatively warm in the afternoons. A top layered with a cape and of course a quintessential singlet is way more than enough. I opted for a bright yellow coloured top, in sync with my mood, over a matching singlet and layered with a knitted Marsala cape.

I had to put the cap on after a while because my Mom was feeling cold. 😛


Guess will have to stop here owing to the word limit or some technical glitches. Shall be back soon with Part 2 and 3(if need be i.e), super soon.

Would love some feedback. Cheerio!

P.S: Do NOT forget oodles of sunscreen with a high SPF, re-applied often, and a pair of extravagantly over-sized shades. Thank me later!

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