Layering in Leh- Doosra Hissa

Before you start judging me on ‘Doosra Hissa’, let me clarify, ‘Part Deux’ is kind of mainstream, and hey, this did grab some eyeballs right?

Moving on, while my body is definitely feeling the sweltering heat, my mind is still lost in the tranquility of Leh. So words are pouring themselves out, instead of me having to make an effort.

Day 4: The itinerary for the day was the fairly famous ‘Pangong Tso(Lake)’, thanks to 3 Idiots, as we all know it!

We were supposed to be crossing the second Highest Motorable Road, Chang La Pass and yes, there was a need to be fully geared up again!

I was kind of bored of the usual tops, so I opted for a sleeveless woollen midi dress which I had picked off the streets of Karol Bagh for something less than 500 bucks(yep you read that right). Layered it first with a full black cape which provided some warmth to my hands and topped it with a knitted marsala cape.


I promise I didn’t pee there!


Felt like adding some shape to my body, which was done by adding a tan belt at the waist. The knitted beret, of course made its way again and the loyal and comfy boots too.


  I know I look like Lamaji here, but hey, isn’t that a crazy shot?


My Mom arranged  for a ‘Let’s-swap-our-jackets’ deal and I had to follow it; no questions asked !

The final day: We couldn’t visit one of these places called the ‘Hall of Fame’ on the scheduled day due to some issues.

So we made our designated visit to that place on the final day. A comparatively hot day for Leh’s standards!

I have been smitten and bitten for life by the ‘Double Denim’ bug and I leave no opportunities to sport this trend.

Took my distressed denims out for a spin. Layered a denim shirt in a lighter tone over a printed singlet(which peeps from the sides, cutesy isn’t it?)

For those who know me personally and my detest for denims, you are all in for  a pleasant surprise! 🙂

 Buttoned up the shirt so, of course, my Mom doesn’t feel cold and also to add some edge to the look. Used an antique locket to amp up the look.


My trusted boots, over-sized shades and a sling were like my bosom buddies; inseparables!

I will make a confession here. I haven’t uploaded looks from two days for I looked extremely trashy. Developed some breathing problems and my face looked like I was in the last stage of TB.

Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoyed this post(I am not trying to be pushy here). Would love to know which was your favourite look or NOT.

Some more suggestions about what you want to see on the blog wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

I am sure I have able to convince quite a few of you to take a trip to Leh already. Book your tickets now for it is going to be worth it! 🙂

Don’t forget the three S’s: Sunnies, Sunscreen and a Scarf/Stole.

Until next time! Cheerio!

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