Northwest at my fashionable best- I

The Meteorological Department is not your Mother, and hence, should not be trusted upon, blindly.

The much predicted rain showers didn’t happen, and it was not me, but the sun that was having a ‘blast’, when I headed Northwest to the city of lakes, Udaipur.

Day 1: White is definitely one’s most obvious choice for summers and boy, I am so predictable at times. Added my own sweet twist to it by throwing on a denim vest(despite the heat, somehow the lower humidity level doesn’t make it that bad) and a silver tiered neckpiece.





I was born to layer even if to not become the Mayor. The previous line was written just for the rhyme, so was this; sorry for wasting a few extra seconds of your time! A pair of tan combat boots was pretty much the highlight of this look and the Boater’s Hat totally saved me from the harsh sun!

I am uploading the pic with the auto yet again here, for I love my legs in them #beinghonest.


(White Dress: Export House, Thimphu; Vest: Some Exhibition Somewhere;  Sling Bag: Kazo; Neckpiece: Leh; Combat Boots: StreetStyleStore; Boater’s Hat, Shades: Forever21)

Day 2: Day 2 was hot as hell, to top that I was having a bad hair day(I have one everyday, but this was way too bad). Who came to my rescue? Well, lots of water, some deep breathing, and a scarf.

Draped this psychedelic scarf like a turban. Culottes had been something I had spotted in a lot of fashion magazines, but never really had the balls to sport one; till that day. Yellows lift me instantly, so, the shirt.


A close-up of the scarf turban.

(Scarf: Daddy got it from China; Shirt: Zink; Culottes: FusionBeats; Earrings: Thimphu, Bhutan)

Day 2, Outfit 2: Honestly, I am no Blake Lively to get into 7 outfits over five hours, but yeah we were headed to a dinner and I really wanted to get rid of the day’s clothes which had a lot of dust practically sprayed over it.

I opted for some clash of prints for the evening. Teamed up a tiny polka dotted ‘skort’(this hypocritical skirt has tights attached inside to save one from an embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moment), a salmon crop top with a floral Summer Jacket. Really wanted to skip my combat foots; a pair of embellished slip-ons added some bling.

About wearing the shades when I am claiming to go for dinner; well, I have an explanation. I do head from the North of India, but not ‘that’ North part. The sun sets rather late, at times it’s bright out there till 8 or even a quarter past that.
I do not wear shades to a discotheque. I make exceptions only for theme parties.



(Salmon Crop Top: Forever21; Polka Skort: Ginger, Lifestyle; Summer FLoral Blazer: Madame, Slip Ons- Hamlyn)

Day 3: We were off for a rather long road-trip with a few pit-stops and a lot of fluctuations with the weather. Something comfy and something that could battle the flux in the weather was the order of the day.

Opted for a simple pastel Midi that I picked up from Bhutan. Wore a printed zipper dress as a cape on it.





(Midi: Thimphu, Bhutan; Dress worn as Cape: Label by Ritu Kumar)

Enough for this part, will be back soon with part two. Honestly this was the more fashionable wing of the trip. But since I need readers, I really request you to come back and read part two as well. Cheerios!

P.S: Almost all these pics were taken by my Daddy dearest and a few may be, from my not-so-near, but very dear SIL.

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