Bumming in Bhutan

A tiny little creature resembling a human being will be spotted in a few of my photos. I did not intend to have her in this post because she is my BFF with who I took this trip to the beautiful Bhutan, but because I don’t have any more outfit pictures to share other than those.

This trip was more about travelling light and staying comfortable rather than looking prim and proper at all times.


Day one in the capital city of Thimphu was more about blue and white tones with a pop of pink brought in with the shoes. That asymmetrical thing that looks like a skirt is actually a midi dress, which has been teamed with a jumper for the weather was as confused as a girl who just entered a Zara store during a 50% off.


Clash of prints has been an absolute favourite trend this season and I carried it with me to Bhutan along with some Bhujia(for my die hard Marwari BFF). An ambiguous print kurta which was a little tight for my Mumma was robbed off her wardrobe and teamed with this uber cool floral bomber. It was a perfect outfit for an inter-city travel for you can always opt to take off the jacket when it got hotter and throw on a shawl when the temperature dropped down. Wearing shorts and dresses feels so normal unlike India, for nobody is really checking you out in tilt or pan shots.


A quirky, kitsche tee along with a pair of fitted but super comfy denim shorts was my choice for a day of just hovering around the town of Punakkha. Every girl loves being that girl next door sometimes, to which I am no exception!


I am sharing this picture not because there is anything stylish about my look, but I loved the way these gorgeous fuschia flowers created the arch. This pic is also a testimony to the fact that no matter how rarely, I do don basics like tights. And man, they are bloody comfy! Also, this T-shirt doesn’t belong to me, I flicked it from my brother. In case you don’t have a brother, please make some soul brothers with benefits(read flicking their t-shirts). Rakhi is not too far either!


Now this has got to be the most stylish I have looked on this I-don’t-give-a-shit-to-the-way-I-am-looking trip. Ideally more like my everyday style, but everything felt so right about this look(yes narcissist much). The London print dress, the blue studded cape clinched at the waist and of course the over-sized green bag which makes the frame so striking!


One of those so-called party nights! An orange and grey polka dot shirt was knotted  at the waist and teamed with a summery pleated yellow skirt. Quite unlike how I would normally dress while clubbing, but I picked up the skirt while in Bhutan and like a baby who wants to eat the lollypop the moment you buy them one, I was tempted to do the same with this skirt. 🙂


Absolutely loving the red bricks in the frame. The flip flops can be explained by the fact that we were set on a long road trip and shoes get annoying! A light floral print tee has been worn over a black slitted maxi dress. One of those days when my mind wanted the best of two worlds: bohemian and sporty!

That is pretty much it for now. Gearing up for my next holiday scheduled in the coming fortnight.

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