How I stole from my Dad’s Closet!

I don’t remember the last time I actually went out and bought workout T-shirts because hey, when you have two elder brothers, I don’t see a need for it. Why buy it when you can flick it! 😉

I was in a state of dilemma ever since they moved out; only because of the tees part! :/

So I resorted to flicking my Dad’s clothes instead, and made them my own. 🙂

I have created three looks using pieces from my Dad’s closet.

1.The Knotty Kurta :

Pulled out an Ikat Kurta from his wardrobe and made a dressy affair by simply knotting up two ends thereby creating some asymmetry.

img_1233_fotor-editedThrew on a printed vest to keep things fun. A simple lip neckpiece, a ceramic white watch, a green sling, and my go-to white sneakers finished the look for me.

img_1230_fotor-edited img_1236_fotor-edited

img_1238_fotor-editedBreak up of the Look:

Kurta: 100 Park Street; Vest: Self-Designed; Neckpiece: Shopper’s Stop; Watch: GC Watches; White Sneakers: Forever 21; Sling: Charles & Keith; Shades: Tribe.In

P.S: Do wear a pair of shorts underneath to avoid any embarrassing moments. 

2.Vest-ed Interests:

A big fan of vests and when I spotted this vest in Dad’s wardrobe, I couldn’t keep my hands and eyes off it.

Teamed this Ikat(yes, again) vest with a simple polka dotted dress underneath and clinched it with a belt to create a slight peplum-ish effect.



A pair of combat boots, golden earrings, a green belt creating the peplum effect, and a rose gold watch finished the look for me.



Break Up of the Look:

Vest: 100 Park Street; Dress: Streets of Goa; Watch: Kenneth Cole; Combat Boots: Call It Spring; Belt: AND; Earrings: A Friend’s; Shades: Forever 21

3. (K)Not My Shirt:

Wanted to create a rather edgy look which could be totally worked for the after hours.


Teamed a plum coloured shirt from my Dad’s wardrobe with a pair of suspenders, a black sheer, pleated skirt and a statement brooch. Tied the shirt in a knot at the waist and pulled up the cuffs!


Marsala platforms and a tin briefcase completed the look for me.




Break Up of the Look:

Shirt: Blackberrys; Skirt: A Store in Sri Lanka; Suspenders: H&M; Marsala Platforms: Forever 21, Shoe Brooch: Sameer Madan; Tin Briefcase: Thrifted; Shades: Tribe.In

I hope all you women are running to your Dad’s wardrobe.

One word: be sly; okay that’s two.

Pictures by  Swati Garg

Would absolutely love to know which looks did you guys like best. Drop me a comment below and let me know. 

Happy a crazy 2017!



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