6 Myths about Plus Size Fashion Busted

Growing up not conforming to conventional standards of beauty, my life has been far from boring!

Crazy, mad, attention-seeker, maniac; I have been a  lot of adjectives to tons of people. To me, I am just me.

Body-shamed way more often than you think, ridiculed for my style sensibilities, being raised eyebrows at for my choice of haircuts, I have often chosen to give this clan a middle finger salute, or better still, killed them with an air of confidence. Nothing hurts more right!

“Oh you are too broad, you are too muscular, you are a bodybuilder, you are a man!” Umm, may be you are too judgemental!

Recently, I came across two girls namely Ridhi and Vedika  running a blog called The Fit Misfits, who shared the same beliefs as me on body-shamers and believe in wearing whatever one wants to! All it takes is being confident in your own skin.

When you google plus size fashion, there will be more don’ts than dos, and through this post we have collaborated and attempted to bust a few such myths.

They exist only in other people’s heads and not otherwise.



1.You CAN wear Pop Colours:

Think of a colour brighter than your spirits and don it without thinking twice.

I have teamed a yellow sleeveless billowy top with printed sky blue skorts and a super pop red cape with patchwork detailing.


To make the look pop more, I have teamed it with electric pink stilettos, golden earrings, and a classic brown sling.





Break Up of the Look:

Top: Lifestyle; Skorts: Random exhibition in Kolkata; Cape: Ggitika Sahariia; Earrings: H&M; Sling: Michael Kors; Stilettos: Atmosphere; Shades: Forever21

2. You CAN mix and match prints:

You should only stick to blacks. Blah blah!

Mix and match prints like it’s no one’s business!


Ridhi has teamed a faint striped shirt with printed panda dungarees.


To let out her creative side, she used a tiny hand accessory and put it through one of the button holes.


Break Up of the Look:

Shirt: Zara ; Dungarees: The Fit Misfits; Hand Accessory: Vero Moda; Bag: Charles & Keith; Stilettos: Charles & Keith; Shades: Forever21

3.You CAN show as much skin as you want:

Plus size women should be all covered up NOT.

Vedika has confidently shown some shoulders and ankles in this printed midi with a cold shoulder crop jacket. She has added more curves to her body with a belt right below the bust.


A gorgeous neckpiece and platform slip-ons completed her look.



Break Up of the Look:

Dress: JaipurJacket:The Fit Misfits; Belt: Bombay ; Neckpiece: Fashion Garage Sale; Footwear: Mumbai, Bandra; Shades: Bangkok

4. You CAN wear crop tops:

Wondering what looks best with crop tops? Washboard abs? Nah! Just oozing confidence.

I have teamed a really adorable pair of pineapple coordinates with a black bustier.


Mismatched earrings and a pair of glittery stilts finished my look.




Break Up of the Look:

Coordinates: The Fit Misfits; Bustier: H&M; Earrings: Zara; Stilettos: Forever 21; Shades: Forever21

5.You CAN wear Horizontal Stripes:

If somebody ever told you to not wear horizontal stripes, it’s about time you stop listening to them. Ridhi has beautifully teamed a slit striped midi with a button down shirt, some layered statement neckpieces and white kicks that gave her the kick.


To lend some more drama to the look, we have knotted one side of the shirt to shift all the attention to that slit.




Break Up of the Look:

Dress: Miss chaos; Shirt Dress: Only ; Neckpieces: Vero Moda; Shoes: Adidas Superstar;

6. You CAN wear Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts are fitted and they will show your bulges. Just shhh!

Vedika has uber confidentaly teamed a lace pencil skirt with a printed crop top and a cropped denim jacket. snxtfmf_adisha-jain-photography-48


A pair of silver brogues kept her look super chic!


Break Up of the Look:

Top: Bangkok ; Pencil Skirt: Only Denim Jacket: Zara ; Silver Brogues: Reliance Footwear

We really hope that through this post we have been able to bust some serious myths about plus size fashion that existed just in our heads and not for real.


So go ahead and wear whatever you want and be confident in your own skin.

People will always try to bring you down for that’s human psychology. You know you have to pull your chin up and fly, and sh*t on their heads! 😉


On that note The Fit Misfits and Myself sign off.

(Photographer: Adisha Jain; Location: Urbana)

If you happen to try any of the looks, do share a picture with us!

And we would also love to know which look did you like best, in the comments below.

Until next time.



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