What to expect at Canvas- Cafe Style Pop Up

Aren’t we all so done with exhibitions in banquet halls with pillars which obstruct not just your vision but also your free flow of thoughts; simply metaphorically speaking!

Now that I have built the base, many of you may know, while many may not, I am so happy to have tied up as the Official Fashion Blogger for Canvas-Cafe Style Pop Up happening tomorrow, 28th February at Cafe 4/1, Camac Street from noon to moon(well almost), i.e, from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm.


Wondering what’s so different about this event? Well, to start with, the venue is a ‘non-banquety’ one, a rather quirky cafe providing a perfect platform for creative juices to flow. DUH!

Secondly it’s unlike any other exhibition because it celebrates and exhibits the work of 14 different startups spanning across 14 different genres. A brilliant curation of fashion and lifestyle, one you sure can’t miss.

Let’s take a quick look at the curation.


A clothing label coming all the way from Jaipur that embodies the spirit of the Bagru artisans. You should expect to see a lot of contemporary silhouettes with all the heritage value, intact, of course.



A customized western wear label to take everyday clothes from boring to quirky.


3. Vrinz

Customomization doesn’t have to confine itself solely to clothes, it can get down to your feet too. A label that customizes shoes, surely something you can’t miss.


4. Sari Ki Almari

Sarees don’t mean ‘Aunties’ only. Sari ki Almari is all set to change your perception with their collection of edgy sarees.

(Looking for pictures? You don’t get the full picture till you actually visit the event. 😉 )

5. Zemoda

Zemoda shall sure charm you with their collection of fine jewellery.


A quick look at participants from the lifestyle sector too.

6. SpaceTale

A furniture brand which custom makes their product according to your story started by super talented designers from NID.


7. Samasth

A startup which really knows how to pamper your body. They make body products specializing in Beeswax.


8. Butterfly

A home decor and gifting brand which comes up with unique gift packages based on your needs.


9. Caring Minds

A social enterprise, a one stop-shop solution for Mental Health and wellness via counselling, psychometric assessments and psychiatric intervention aimed at one and all from children with special needs to the elderly!


10. AD iti – Ideas to Ink  

A brand that will spoil you  with its fun stationery and other paper products.

I got to admit, I am super impressed with the play of words here.


11. Agency Genesis

A very talented photographer who used to work for BBC, he will be taking a space to showcase his work and sell his services.

Wow, can’t wait to check out this space.

Pictures have not been shared to keep the suspense quotient high. 😉

12. Healthy Billions

A startup into Wellness, Emergency and Medical Services. Let’s discover more on this one tomorrow.

13. Utify

Utify shall woo you with their paintings by Artist Utsah Lama.

14. Nikki’z

We all love surprises don’t we? This startup is here to put an end to ‘how-do-I-surprise-someone’ woes!

If you still feel this hasn’t excited you enough(which I am sure is not the case), the event has made all the arrangements to help you unleash your creativity.

  •  A life-size paint station for visitors to paint liberally!
  • Former Mrs.World Riecha Sharma will be inaugurating the event.
  • At about 4:30pm, YFlo Ex-Chairperson Shraddha Agarwal will also be rewarding the best Startup amongst all.
  • To keep the vibe chilled out, a guitarist and a caricature artist will be present too.

I am sure there’s no way you can miss out an event like this now.

See you all at Canvas- Cafe Style Pop Up tomorrow between 11:30 am to 11:30 pm at Cafe 4/1.

You can also visit their Facebook page for more details.

Until Next Time.










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