What to expect at Home Made?

There’s nothing that gives an adrenaline rush like the word ‘Entrepreneur’ and when it’s preceded by the word ‘Woman’, the rush is amplified. I am sure you share similar thoughts!

I am so excited to have tied up with Home Made as the Official Blogger with our very own BlabberCat Official. As you may have guessed, Home Made is an event which is an ode to women entrepreneurs on 18th and 19th April from 3 to 9 pm at The Old House.

Blogging Partner

 At possibly one of the best locations in the city, The Old House, Chowranghee, with it’s calm disposition, I don’t think we women could have had a better platform showcase what we do best. Art, Fashion and Lifestyle and DIY should be your key words.

Let’s take a quick look at our participating Womenpreneurs:

1. BBart By Bipasha Banerjee:

Bipasha’s paintings are like stories. They depict strong, independent and bold Indian women through the ages. Bipasha loves to create her own distinct mythology out of her characters which showcase a kind of warmth, yet firm strength. Her characters are always ordinary women doing ordinary things as she magically creates an extraordinary picture.

Definitely keeping in sync with the true essence of the event.



Riniseal blends contemporary with the traditional and for the new age woman. Aimed at all you free spirited woman, this is a label you sure can’t miss.


3.Howrah Bridge by Anupriya DG:

A label by another fellow blogger Anupriya, this one meets all your ‘quirkwear’ needs. Comfortable, summery, vibrant, if these words best fit your style, you cannot miss this event out.


4. Velvet Dori ~ Suravika.S:

A label that will suit all your festive wear needs for this wedding season.

VelvetDori (2)

5. Biome:

Biome is a Kolkata based clothing brand, an attempt to find sustainable solutions for fashion and everyday comfort-wear. They started in 2012 as a curious Nature loving brand and opened doors to selling sustainable fabrics in 2014 and customised garments in 2015.


6. 145 East:

A small group of visual bandits who like to play around with things, tinker with colours, lights, graphics and make a puzzle with everyday elements.


7. #SisterhoodOfTheTravellingPrints by Srishti Nadhani:

A Fashion Stylist and Blogger, #SisterhoodOfTheTravellingPrints is my first fashion capsule collection which fuses prints I have handpicked while travelling pan India, with my nascent design sensibilities. It’s a limited edition, ready-to-wear line which is sure to make your summer a tad bit more friendly.

#SisterhoodOfTheTravellingPrints Facebook Cover

8. Avantikaz by Avantika Sachdev:

Avantikaz showcases the exquisite wide range of pure georgette floor length kurta and dupatta sets with gota patti and mokaish work along with cotton kurtas with gota patti,aari and mirror work.


A label that has constantly championed sustainable fashion, they have collaborated with an NGO Disha Foundation to showcase and sell a small range of products made by these vocationally trained women and will also be contributing 15% of their sales to this foundation. We call that a Superwoman, Pooja. ❤

10. Gripp DiCuoio by Ipshita & Roli:

Their leather handbags and accessories are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind both fashion and functionality. All of their products are handcrafted from the most beautiful leathers and are built to last.

11. Hamlyn Grande:

A brand that is unmissable in every city dweller’s wardrobe and even far around, Hamlyn Grande is the pioneer of custom-made handcrafted footwear since 1997.


12. Caramel Coves:

I think little boys should have all the fun! A label dedicated to our dapper boys who like their garments customized.


13. Bliss Bath: A soapy Affair

A handmade, homemade, luxurious and all-natural bathing products brand, this one’s sure to leave you smitten and smelling sweet.


Ending things on a sweeter note.

14. Messy Kitchen by Divya & Kanupriya:

These two ladies are making lives of the mothers easier by helping them pass off healthy food as junk food for their babies young or, old and married. Healthy food in disguise, I like!


15. Short and Sweet:

A range of savouries and cakes. Cooked by someone who’s eaten the best, and that’s the best way to know how to cook.

 Wondering why Home Made over any other event?

  • DIY Paint Room: We are giving you a chance to unleash your creativity by painting your heart out. Get your friends or be a one-man army, you are going to surprise yourself!
  • Home café room: Fashion and Food start with an ‘F’ and that really made no sense. We have a chilled out space to catch up relax, and grab a bite, and maybe indulge in mindless talks like I just did.

Workshops/ Hands-on-learning:

  • Natural Dye Workshop by Namrata Manot (18th April, 4:30- 6:30 pm): Learn about natural dyed textiles and dip your hands to make a stole for yourself or your loved one. #fortheloveofNature #sustainableclothing #sustainablefashion
  • Summer Styling Workshop by Srishti Nadhani: (19th April, 4-5 pm): Get all your styling queries sorted, be it how to dress for your shape, colours that would work best for your skin tone, summer layering, or about anything under the sun related to styling. We are all ears!

Giving back to the society is something all of us women believe in, biologically so! Home Made has tied up with NGOs Artisana and I Can Fly to make this world a better place!

Well, here’s hoping that we have given you enough reasons to make it to Home Made and encourage us Womenpreneurs. The fact that it is on from 3pm to 9pm on 18th and April makes sure you can’t use the ‘I-have-office’ excuse.

You can check out Home Made’s event page for more details.

See you all at The Old House.

The old house 2

The Old House – Kolkata
60/1 Chowranghee Road,
Alexandra Court
3rd Floor
Kolkata – 20

Until next time!




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