Getting Summer Ready with Peaubella

Indian summers aren’t easy to handle and we would all unanimously agree on it. Summer layering sort of feels like a distant dream but you still yearn to dress well. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is by playing with smart accessories like I have done in this post with a bag and accessories label Peaubella.

Peaubella  is coming up with their Spring Summer Exhibition from 27th April to 7th May and plans to offer about over a 1000 bags under one roof, fitting every pocket and taste. I recently went and picked out a few bags that would keep me looking chic this summer while keeping the functionality in mind. This post exhibits how I have styled them to beat the summers and its ability to wear us down.

Me +1; Summers 0

1. #TheBossLady Look:

As a stylist and blogger, my life revolves around running from one meeting to another and definitely calls for being aptly dressed.


I have teamed a semi-formal dress with a black and tan satchel from Peaubella which is roomy enough to fit my Macbook and any other freshening up essentials that I would need to keep handy.


The best part is that this satchel doesn’t look as bulky as other laptop bags that I have used in the past.


The fact that it’s tan and black makes it compatible with every outfit! And oh-so-chic! Win-win!


2. #RunningSomeErrands Look:

Running errands especially in this heat requires you to be extremely comfortable. I have chosen a denim shirt with ripped boyfriend denims, solely for the ventilation. A band to let my hair not stick to my face and a backpack to store all the things I buy while keeping my hands free for utmost efficiency to run these errands.


I have worn the backpack the other way around because it’s so much more comfortable and also saves you from pickpockets. #justsaying 😉



This bag is also quite perfect while travelling as it helps keep all the documents in place while not weighing down one of the sides of your shoulders.



A highly recommended bag from Peaubella if you love your hands free!

3. #TheAfternoonTea Look:

Being a person who takes their tea very seriously, I also belong to the clan who like to dress up appropriately for their afternoon tea sessions. I have picked out a colourful panelled midi dress, teamed them with classic pearls and silver tie-up espadrilles.


This green structured bag from Peaubella just played in so well with my whole look. With enough room to store all your touch-up essentials, to house keys and a lot of other bag must-haves, this one simply stole my heart.




4. #MyFriendsDraggedMeOut Look:

This heat does make you not want to step out partying on certain nights but then your friends will be friends. Coaxing, lying, begging, whatever it takes, they eventually end up taking you out!


I am not quite the LBD person but don’t mind touches of black on my outfit. Teamed a top with bell sleeves(which is quite the rage this season) with a high-low skirt from my own collection and this sequinned sling from Peaubella.



The best part about this sling is it can lift any dead outfit and doesn’t have to be carried around like a clutch which almost makes one feel handicapped.


A perfect bag to ‘sling’ around when you want to let your hair down and dance the night away.


5. #TheEuropeanSummers Look:

Imagine gorgeous beaches, cleaner streets, wine cellars and above all, the weather that permits you to indulge in summer layering!

(Also excuse the fact that I have used so many pictures because this is evidently my favourite look).


 I have teamed a printed teal crop top with a white skirt and white vest to absolutely scream summers.


If you are wondering why I am carrying two bags, that’s because there’s always a lot of things you need to carry around while travelling.


The smaller detailed sling could take care of smaller elements like Passport, wallet, a lip balm etc. This salmon sling with detailing on the sling and rivets is one of my personal favourites because of its ability to make you stand out in the crowd so well!


The red tote is a perfect size to carry other essentials such as a change of clothes, H2O, quick snacks, emergency medicines and so on.


DSC_0829_Fotor.jpgA waterproof variation:


In case you fear spoiling your bag, this grey bag is a waterproof one and can be easily carried to the beach. Some sunscreen and a phone is something it will surely accommodate.

DSC_0836_Fotor.jpgA neutral shade makes sure it blends with all colours well!


Here’s hoping my European Summer Dream comes true super soon ❤

A quick reminder, all the wonderful bags featured in this post are from Peaubella  and merely a fraction of the massive collection they are set to exhibit for sale (read over 1000 bags) at their Spring Summer Exhibition from 27th April to 7th May.

Do follow their event page for more details.

Dates: 27th April to 7th May

Venue: Peaubella, 9A, Metro Towers, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata 700071

Hoping you are now as ready to brave the summers as I am.

Until next time.



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