A LIT evening with Desi Lantern

Honestly, I wanted to open this post by picking off a travel quote from Google by a famous person I have never heard of, but would have had to use #Wannabe alongside, so I let it pass. 🙂
Having just returned from a long and beautiful vacation to Europe, I was facing some terrible post-vacation blues. Desi Lantern however soothed that to a great extent by practically making me travel vicariously around the world.

Last Saturday, Desi Lantern organized a feast(that’s what I would like to call it) themed ‘Wanderlust’ for some of us city bloggers. The event started with a quiz revolving around travel which I sadly missed, thanks to the messed up traffic scenes. It moved on to a salsa and bachata session with an expert, which I have to admit was so much fun. All this was obviously accompanied with some great wine.

a (193 of 207).jpg

Oh yes and at the very entrance, you had to choose a shot with a question which would decide which country is your spot on the table. Mine was Australia. So much nostalgia again!

a (20 of 207).jpg

The whole decor of the Ganges Gallery where this event was hosted was beyond what words can explain. So I will let the images do the talking.

a (21 of 207)

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(Click on every image to get a bigger picture)

The wanderlust didn’t end at the decor alone but we were treated to some delicious delicacies from around the world.

a (201 of 207)

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That’s obviously me Snapping and Instagramming away to glory.

a (207 of 207)

The whole #jingbang had way too much fun as you can see.


I bet after treating your eyes to such beautiful pictures, you would want to know more about Desi Lantern and definitely the uber creative faces behind it.

a (4 of 207)

Desi Lantern provides bespoke services in the realm of wedding décor & event design. They design, create and customize events with uniqueness beyond expectation. Following the mantra ‘why be ordinary when you can be extra-ordinary’ they design tirelessly to create experiences & environments special and unique for each of their clients. From weddings and birthday parties to announcements and baby showers, special anniversary celebrations and children’s parties, every event they shape has been commended for being striking and inimitable.

Desi Lantern is the brain child of the duo Priti Agarwalla & Sunaina Agarwal. They aren’t only super creative but super stunners too. Here, take a look.

a (30 of 207)

The duo started off by designing kid’s birthday parties and small gatherings under the brand name of “Little Do’s”. They felt there was a dearth of bespoke decor services in the city and hence rechristened the company as Desi Lantern and forayed into wedding design too. The don’t simply use the same props and design at every event they do but customize ever events to meet the client’s vision by putting their creative minds at work.

Having been in the business for almost 7 years, Desi Lantern prides itself in ‘designing celebrations’ and creating magical and memorable moments for its esteemed clientele. They bring to the table a gamut of specialised services like couture weddings, quirky installations, exhibition décor, trousseau packing, event invitations, packaging and the likes.

Desi Lantern offers services such as Event Design (Wedding/Occasions/Baby Showers, Full Event Production, Floor Plan Layouts, Floral, Draping, Linen, Custom Linen, Bespoke Furniture, Carpeting, Lighting, Projection and Video Mapping, Dance Floors, Table Detailing (monogrammed napkins, napkin rings etc.), Event invitations, Customized Packaging (Trousseau Packaging). However, they are not limited to these and would love to experiment with newer opportunities.

Oh yes, if you are wondering how the name came about, it reflects the duo’s aesthetics. ‘Desi’ and ‘Lantern’ describes the use of modern materials to create forms/themes relevant to Indian traditions & festivities.

If you like their work and would love to have something ‘original’ done, you should absolutely get in touch with them through the following ways:

Hands down, this has been one of the best experiences in the city as a blogger and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part. Everything was so on point!

Hope you guys enjoyed this visually beautiful journey. Do keep on coming back to this space to explore cooler things, places and people.

Until next time.



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