Losing my fears with Aditi Jhunjhunwala

The only layers I have ever liked in my life are that of a Chocolate Cake; the more the merrier of course.

Having said that, I have always been petrified of layers in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator or any other software which I have absolutely no clue about. Till now Canva had been my Mecca and I, an ardent worshipper.
(P.S: I recently shifted to their paid plan too)

But obviously Canva isn’t enough and as a Blogger who is mostly underpaid, (because Kolkata) I needed to learn basic skills such as graphic design so I could make my own creatives and so on. So I decided to change and learn. Change, as we all know is daunting!

That’s when I heard of Aditi Jhunjhunwala and the services she provides.

After I quick phone call I went to her on a fine Saturday and this post documents all what I was upto.

After some discussions about what my reason to develop some basic graphic design skills were, and a fun game of blindfolding, we decided Adobe Illustrator is where we should start.

Aditi and I started with the very basics. She introduced me to the various tools available on Illustrator for trust me I am the kind of a person who can’t tell a brush from a pen! But boy, she was utterly patient.

Saturdays at Aditi Jhunjhunwala Consultancy are different, and way more fun than you think! That’s the day when Aditi helps students go beyond the usual learning and helps them experiment and develop new skills.

We indulged in some photography and Zine making while exploring different mediums and textures.

The one thing I really liked about Aditi’s classes are that she doesn’t stop at conventional teaching alone. She doesn’t believe in producing ‘clones’ or ‘conformists’. She gives every student the opportunity to unleash their creativity.

The fact that she tailor-makes classes for every individual in a diverse group and helps build a community is a sure plus one. 

The other students I met are all prepared to take off for their graduation at some of the best Universities globally and they couldn’t stop raving about Aditi.

I had an absolute blast checking out the work of these students, and obviously getting inspired by the levels of creativity they exhibited through their work.

We ended the day by annoying the teacher a little(read: a lot). Poking her with the tools quite literally felt so normal.

(I am seen mingling with the super creative bunch of girls namely, Harshna, Muskaan, Vanshika and Vidisha, and of course Aditi. )

 Bet after hearing so much about Aditi and why she is awesome, let’s get to know Aditi a bit more.

About Aditi:

Aditi Jhunjhunwala is a graduate from Lasalle college of the Arts, Singapore, with a 1st Upper First Class Honours in Design Communication and Dean’s Lister.

She also went to Central Saint Martins, London for an Elective semester in graphic design post graduation from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.


A quick insight into her work experience:

  • Jewellery Handling at Christies London ( Auction House)
  •  Animation in Oxfordshire, London
  • Culinary from Blue elephant school, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Worked in Dubai in Ogilvy and Mather, Coca Cola campaign
  • Worked in Singapore Ogilvy and Mather

Well, that’s one hell of a talented and experienced woman we are dealing with here.

A quick look at some of her Students’ Work:

Finally, lets get to the services that Aditi Jhunjhunwala Offers:


  1. Portfolio Development: Primarily targeted at students interested in applying for design courses in Singapore, UK, USA, India and other countries, she plays the role of a consultant and help students to construct a professional design portfolio that can be used when applying to various Art and Design Universities, the world over.

2. Design Software Education: Sharing her own passion for design, she helps students hone their  design skills and train them to cement their software skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and   InDesign.

3. She Recently introducedSaturday Sessions” which is a more hands on session where individuals come and experiment and explore.






*Personal Sessions on Request: If you wish to take one-on-one sessions you can communicate that to her and she can make arrangements for the same.

And lastly, how do you connect with her?

If you wish to meet her in person, she is participating at Canvas- Shop Eat Connect on 4th July at Afra Tafri from 12noon to 10 pm. This might be the best way to hear from the horse’s mouth I would say!

 Social Media is always an option:



Honestly, I have seen so many rigid graphic designing
courses which are uniform for people with different needs and areas of interest! Aditi doesn’t force you to learn a rigid module but instead tailor-makes the courses as per your requirements and usability.

The biggest plus is she conducts classes during good weather in her lush garden. Isn’t that so cool? Like informal learning with some great content against a natural backdrop. Who wouldn’t kill for that now! 😀

I am giving a heads up for Aditi Jhunjhunwala as my day spent with her was well worth. You should definitely get in touch with her too if you are scared of change or learning, like me.

Pictures by Devika Jhunjhunwala

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Until next time.




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