Canvas: Shop Eat Connect

I may not respond to the word ‘palat’ as much as I would to the word ‘Entrepreneur’.

I am so excited to announce that my very own city of joy has made a platform for the young entrepreneurs to showcase and promote their work.

Presenting Canvas:Shop Eat Connect to you guys; a cafe style pop up happening on the 4th of July at Afra Tafri from noon to moon(12 noon to 10 pm). An exhibition which is different because you wouldn’t find about 20 stalls showcasing the same kind of clothes but an event spanning 20 different categories. The best part is we have just one participant per category.

I couldn’t be more excited to be associated as the Official Blogger for an event celebrating entrepreneurs for this concept is very close to my heart being an entrepreneur myself.

Let’s take a quick look at the uber creative entrepreneurs that we have on board.

Being a fashion person myself, fashion had to possibly top my list right? Presenting western wear by Pasha to upgrade your wardrobe to a whole new level.  Absolutely in love with the breezy drapes; so fit for summer. Can you miss it? I just can’t!

To be very honest Cinderella is what I have always wanted to be in my life but I ended up being a stylist and blogger. Next up is Tint which will sure leave you with happy feet.

Next up, we have Zemoda satiating all your jewelled dreams.

Rakhi is just around the corner and I bet you want to gift a customized platter to that adorable sister or that super annoying adopted brother. We heard you, we have Petal Krafts on board just for that!

Next up is something I have been pathetically scared of, but this lady knows how to ease you out. Presenting the uber entrepreneurial Aditi Jhunjhunwala who makes graphic designing a cakewalk for you. Did someone say cake?

(Read more about her in my previous post)

Who loves gifts? Well, we all. Be it at the receiving or giving end. (I prefer the former better though. ;))

We have Butterfly to cater to all your gifting needs.


Next we have something super exciting to cater to our people with four legged babies. Pooch Box is a subscription box to spoil your four legged baby. Toys, treats and accessories, I might want to own a dog hearing about what they offer.

P.S: This is their first ever event and there’s no way you can miss out on them.

No matter what your Mum says, you can never have enough clothes. Presenting Origgo to cater to all your Western Wear needs.

You thought luxury was confined to your bags and shoes? I beg to differ? We want to make sure you feel luxurious under your shower too. That’s why we have got Punam Periwal to make your everyday shower a luxurious one.

Dekh Lakh Lakh Pardesi girl, Ain’t nobody like my desi girl and I can’t deny. That’s why we have Shalini Poddar to help you put your desi swag on with her Indian Kapreh.

Take a bow or put on a bow tie. We have Indian Bow Tie Company coming all the way from Jodhpur to take your swag to a new level all together. You can’t miss out on this one. A personal favourite. Okay, I am biased!

We all love brands and we cannot deny okay. Luxe Affairs will be there to sort all your brand fascinations out.

If you don’t like being the complete desi girl, we have something in between the desi and Videsi. Presenting Priyam Poddar to satisfy all your Indo-Western needs.

Who can turn down those six yards? I sure can’t. Can you? Presenting Sari Ki Almari to make room for all your graceful needs.

Looking for some cool rakhis for that naughty brother of yours? We have you sorted! Disha Puja creations will make sure you make sure you get enough presents out of your brothers.

Art is something irresistible. Utify shall transcend you to a different level of creativity. Are you ready for that ride? I am!

Can an outfit be complete without accessories? I say a big NO! They can make or break your look. You have to absolutely check out Style addict for the same.

Shaadi fir nahi hogi na? (Under happy circumstances) I am sure you would want your wedding invite to be etched in people’s head forever. Beanstalk Design will make sure this dream becomes a reality.

Anybody can make a house, but it takes your personality to make a home. Pick out some kickass pieces for your house from Neetu Saraf to make that house your home.

CHOCOLATE. Yes, someone said chocolate! Indulge yourself in some sinful chocolate from La Cioccolata.

Phew! That’s an impressive curation right? But that’s not all. You thought it was all serious business and all but guess what I just burst your bubble. Hahah.

We have two super comedians coming in at round 3:30 pm and 8pm to tickle those funny bones because everyone deserves a good laugh.

I am sure this was convincing enough for you to block your date for 4th July for Canvas: Shop Eat Connect at Afra Tafri on 4th July from noon to moon(12 noon to 10 pm). I love the sound of it I guess.

Oh, we also have some super entrepreneurs dropping in to inaugurate our event and give out our best startup hamper. I am so excited. Eeeep!

So see you all there.

Until next time,




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