Role Reversal: A One-Way Street?

I observe.

I observe as I take a walk down the street.

I observe when I sit at a nearby cafe and people pass by.

I observe when I look you straight in the eye with my piercing glare.

I observe as you read this post.

I observe to get inspired. I observe to get answers.

Sometimes, Google doesn’t satisfy me, and my Mother doesn’t convince me enough with their answers. That’s when I ponder, I create and I write.

Does India assume women are too weak? Too docile? Too timid?

Some thoughts baffle me all the time.

A Srishti Nadhani and Nisha Chowdhary Collaboration

Have you too been plagued by the thought that certain roles in the Indian sub-context have been reserved solely for the men; or women only enjoy a minority, if at all?

If so, jump on the bandwagon.

The Firefighter:

Women are often infamous for jumping to conclusions!

Point to be noted here: We women clan are so tuned to the idea of jumping into the fire, thanks to Sati; but firefighting as a profession is almost off-bounds for us Indian women. Irony much?

(Please note I am not advocating Sati here in any way)


Quick-wit and risk-taking aren’t traits you associate with us, do you?



The Butcher:

So much blood spewed all around. How gore!

Ask a woman about blood, when she is the holy river of red water, five days a month, not mentioning the pain, of course!


A place with such sharp knives, can never be a place for good wives!

Ever had the chance to taste the sharpness of our tongue, Monsieur?


Surrounded by carcasses you call us a murderer. Tccch, you reduce us into one, lest you figure out we are roasting a girl child in our oven.


Still find it ‘gore’ enough to be performed by a ‘Gori’?

The Milk(wo)man:

The milk of a woman dictates the longevity and health of a baby.


Why don’t I see women carrying canisters of milk on a cycle(or even fancier bikes) and singing aloud the latest Salman Khan songs, while eve-teasing a man or two?




The Paper Boy:

The black and white fine print that carries stories of heinous crimes women are subjected to; ironically enough, we never see a woman rolling these papers and aiming them at people’s verandahs.

IMG_6679 C

Why don’t you simply roll chapatis in the kitchen?


IMG_6627 B

The Truck Driver:

The big toys for the big boys only, huh?


Driving across state borders in the middle of the night, how unsafe for women. Are we women safe even inside a temple?



The Mechanic:

Too dirty a domain for us clean hearts?


Such a strength-demanding task for someone who carries the emotional load of a family?


Look, why don’t you just go back home and play dress-up?


(Location Courtesy: Adrich Automotive Works for this look only)

Is #RoleReversal really a one-way street?


These are just some examples that we have pre-dominantly observed, mutually decided and worked upon. I am sure we Women, deserve much more.

Hope this editorial photo story has made you think? Hope you can help us with some answers as to why certain professions in India don’t see a dominant female participation, even though we talk about equality at so many different levels.

A photo story by Nisha Chowdhury

Styled by Yours Truly

A big thank you to Juhii, Vaibhav, Neha and Richie for all the help in the smooth execution of this project

Do let us know your thoughts about this post in the comments below.

Until next time.

Lots of Love







4 Comments Add yours

  1. debdebasri2 says:

    This is one of the best posts I have seen and read in a long long long time.

    1. I am so glad. Especially when it comes from a person who themselves tries off-beat topics and approaches. ❤

  2. pritimandal says:

    This is just cut straight amazing😍😍😍
    I would just love love love to learn and work with you someday♥️

    1. Thank you so much Priti. Would love to collaborate some day. ❤

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