#BringIndiaHome with UCOI

One fine day, I was taking a walk down one of the quaint lanes of Hindustan Park when my eyes met a little birdie’s. I felt an instant connection. And the rest, they say, is history!

Little Birdie outsude

Presenting UCOI, Unifying Crafts and Design.

At the surface level, it may seem like just another home decor store, but this little birdie convinced me, it is much more than that!

When you step inside, you realize, UCOI is more like a movement, than a store. A proud proponent of the #MakeInIndia movement, UCOI is every handicraft enthusiast’s paradise.

A curated brick and mortar store, the aim of UCOI is to add that human touch to otherwise mass-produced goods.

As you tour through the store, you will be able to transport yourself pan India, only vicariously, of course.

My visual story #BringIndiaHome is an attempt to give you an insight into what UCOI is about be blending region-specific fashion with indigenous handicrafts.

Starting with the base station, let’s see what Bengal has to offer you at UCOI.

Illustrations depicting the old Kolkata charm are unmissable.

_DSC7097 copy

Traditional Jamdani Sarees, Stoles and up-cycled bags by Paromita Banerjee are a must check-out at UCOI.

Moving further east, North East India will leave you smitten with its black clay pottery.

Minimalist, clean and oh-so-classy! What’s not to love about them?

Taking a deep plunge into the South, UCOI offers ceramic pieces which will make for a perfect picture in your living room and kitchen.

Crawling up North, the grandeur of the Mughal pieces will leave you spellbound.

The teal lamp shades sure have my heart.

UCOI is a collaborative effort of three architects and one architect-turned-furniture-designer to showcase the immense talent and creativity a country as rich as India stocks.

Each product has been meticulously handpicked to suit the taste of a niche individual with high appreciation for art and craft.

Please note, this is merely a glimpse of what UCOI offers.

I shall be unveiling more in my subsequent blog posts. Till then if you want to #BringIndiaHome yourself with UCOI, do look out for the little birdie in Hindustan Park. Or better still, just follow the address below:

62/2 hindustan park
700029 Kolkata

Don’t forget to check out their website. Do follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love,


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