I am ME(lanin) feat. Aditri

Hi, I am ME(lanin). I am the sun’s mistress. Maidens aren’t bethroed to ‘good’ grooms because of me. Educated women are turned down at jobs because of me. The sales of haldi and besan shoot up, because of me. Women become the targets of salespersons pushing fairness creams/anti-tan packs down their throats,  because of me….

Losing my fears with Aditi Jhunjhunwala

The only layers I have ever liked in my life are that of a Chocolate Cake; the more the merrier of course. Having said that, I have always been petrified of layers in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator or any other software which I have absolutely no clue about. Till now Canva had been my Mecca…