I am ME(lanin) feat. Aditri


I am ME(lanin).

I am the sun’s mistress.

Maidens aren’t bethroed to ‘good’ grooms because of me.

Educated women are turned down at jobs because of me.

The sales of haldi and besan shoot up, because of me.

Women become the targets of salespersons pushing fairness creams/anti-tan packs down their throats,  because of me.

The society scorns me.

I am a CURSE!

An unsolicited list of Dont’s follows me in every nook and corner.

Don’t wear Red Lipstick:

Tauba Tauba!

Avoid that gold eye-shadow and that bright red lipstick for God’s sake!

People will call you the ‘W’ word rhyming with the jungle cat’s roar.

Tea and Coffee aren’t luxuries I should indulge in either, right?

(Wearing an Ajrakh Dupatta on a Mudal base along with Pure Silver earrings from Aditri)

Don’t Wear Pastels:

You must be out of your mind to wear pastels!

Your face looks like you just returned from a desert safari, dehydrated, fooled by mirages.

Should I bathe in milk and add some rose petals too?

(Wearing a Kantha Saree on Bishnupur Silk from Aditri)

Don’t wear bright colours either:

Such shocking colours! OMG! How much attention do you wish to seek from people?

Topped with nude lips? Didn’t they tell you it was only for the #fairandlovely women?

Been thinking of trying that new skin lightening facial from the #FairAndLovely salon? I heard they are offering some discounts to MElanin too.

(Wearing a Linen Silk Saree from Aditri)

Don’t wear Oxidized Jewellery:

Oxidized jewellery? As if you don’t look ‘dark’ enough?

Oxidized is for the cooler tones and not for the sun’s kept-woman.

Leave those oxidized jewellery for the Gori, Kali.

Kali echoes in my ears and etches in my heart . Little do they know, they elevated me to the status of a powerful Goddess.

(Wearing a Shibori print Dupatta along with Kalamkari work on Chander Silk Base and pure silver earrings and neckpiece from Aditri)

But, have you looked closely enough?

I am MElanin. NAH. I am ME ̶l̶a̶n̶i̶n̶.

Change may have dawned, but not so much, to stop making fair skin directly proportional to talent.

To stop equating fair skin with beauty.

Beauty is skin deep and definitely fairness is no parameter for measuring the same.

An ideal world would be one which is ‘inclusive’ and not based on biases like colour. Here’s to #DarkAndBeautiful


About Aditri:

Aditri is a curated platform for handmade creations that resonate with the philosophy of keeping ‘real things’ in life alive. A platform that celebrates individuality and knows how art and craft can find its way into a contemporary woman’s lifestyle. 

You can check out their website for more details.

Make sure to follow Aditri on Instagram and Facebook.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let me know in the comments below which was your favourite look. Have you ever been plagued with the colourism issue? If so, we would love to hear, if you would like to share. Do comment below.

Until next time!
Lots of Love,


Pictures by Rimo. Make up by Manas.

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  1. Saroni says:

    As the adage goes…stay unfair, stay beautiful…

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